Hall Of Fame

What is the Hall of Fame?

In simple terms, this is as ranking system which can be applied to everyone in our Fantasy Premier League mini-leagues & both the free and the members league. The Hall of Fame tracks the performances of every manager over each of the seasons they have participated and awards a ranking according to the performances. We have a "Career" table that updates every season and a "Live" table that will be updated using the latest season data, after every few Gameweeks.

How is my rating calculated?

The "HoF Rating" is based on your points scores from previous FPL seasons, with the latest season weighted the heaviest and each corresponding season weighted at roughly 80% that of the previous season. So, in other words, those who performed best in 2017/18 will receive a bigger HoF Rating boost from those who did best in 2006/07. The "HoF Ranking" even allows for those with missing years, adapting the formula accordingly to allow to rank alongside the veterans of the FPL.

How do I join the Hall of Fame

Simply sign up to our leagues, either the Fantasy Football Scout Classic League, or if you're a member, the Members Classic League – the code is available on the dashboard of the Members Area.

How do I find myself in the Hall of Fame?

The search box at the top of the ranking tables allows you to search by surname or by FPL id.

What if I don't want to be listed?

Either notify us via support@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk or simply leave the Fantasy Football Scout league and you'll be removed on the next update.

When does the Hall of Fame get updated?

The Career table is available to all and is updated at the end of each season to display the latest rankings.